Storage Facility Flooring Solution

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The Ideal Storage Facility Flooring Solution

Storage facilities take a lot of abuse. From boxes to furniture and iron racks and storage bins, its flooring needs to withstand a lot of different stresses. Finding storage facility flooring able to live up to this task can be challenging, but it certainly doesn’t need to be. At Matlock, we know what your storage facility needs in terms of its flooring requirements.

We have developed a state-of-the-art multipurpose interlock flooring system ideal for use in storage facilities. Our company is known for its dedication to innovation and excellence, and our products are celebrated throughout the industry for their endurance and quality. What’s more, you are in the position to cut out the middleman and buy flooring products directly from the manufacturer.

There is simply no need to pay more than you need to for your flooring solutions. At Matlock, our multipurpose interlock flooring provides you with the highest quality products at guaranteed competitive and accessible rates. We work hard to keep our products competitively priced, in order to ensure the greatest accessibility by the marketplace. When you partner with us for your storage facility flooring’s needs, you know you enjoy the best quality solutions available on the market.

The Most Effective Multifunctional Flooring Products in South Africa

We are proud of our cutting-edge factory based in Rosslyn, Pretoria, where all of our PVC interlock flooring panels are produced. These flooring panels now enjoy a reputation in the industry as the most effective and multifunctional flooring products available in South Africa today. These are only a few of the many reasons why so many companies and individuals continue to trust us with all of their flooring needs.

Another reason attributable to the popularity of our excellent quality flooring solutions is the fact that you can take care of their installation with ease. Save on labour costs, as our Matlock Interlock Flooring is so easy to install. Any DIY enthusiast can take care of its installation within a day, and you won’t have to disrupt your business or household operations with a big and expensive installation process.

Throughout the years, we have forged a well-deserved reputation in the industry as a leading supplier of affordable interlocking flooring solutions. Our flooring can be used in industrial, commercial and domestic applications, ranging from storage facilities to garages and even industrial kitchens. Contact us to learn more about our celebrated range of interlocking floor systems, and to save money on your PVC flooring needs.