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Sports Facility Flooring – The Top Benefits of Using Rubber Floors!

A premium choice among sport facility flooring options, rubber floors have become the benchmark for sports facilities world-wide. While sports facilities are defined as moist, noisy, large, high-traffic areas with heavy equipment – the type of flooring used in these facilities is not only vital in determining the safety and performance of the users, but also the sound, aesthetics and the overall utilisation of the sports equipment and space.

When it comes to high traffic facilities, such as sports facilities, the most important aspects are always safety, comfort and hygiene. While rubber floors ensure an immaculate finish, these floors deliver a variety of significant benefits that other floors, such as carpets, vinyl and wood, simply cannot compete with. Below we list a few of their top benefits:

  • Cost-effective
  • Easy to Clean and Maintain
  • Enhanced Durability and Resilience
  • Environmentally Friendly
  • Long Lasting and Reliable
  • Manufactured in a variety of Colours and Designs
  • Reduces the Probability of Accidents
  • Sanitary and Healthy
  • Shock and Sound Absorbing
  • Superior High-load Impact Absorption and Resistance

Where are They Used?

As the top flooring of choice for sports facilities, rubber floors are ideal for aerobic rooms, basketball courts, climbing centres, dance and movement studios, gymnasiums, indoor tracks and courts, locker rooms, martial arts studios, Pilates rooms, pregnancy exercise rooms, training areas, weight training rooms, and yoga rooms.

If you are the owner of a sports facility facing high traffic and wear and tear constantly, and your flooring is just not supporting the safety and performance of your users and equipment, then perhaps it is time that you moved over to the rubber floors from us, at Matlock.

About Our Rubber Floors

At Matlock, we have created an outstanding high-quality range of rubber floors for all types of sports facilities. Not only are we the leading South African suppliers and manufacturers of rubber flooring for sports facilities throughout South Africa, but we are also the leading South African suppliers of a wide range of rubber and black PVC square and edging interlocked floors for just about every other type of industry that requires rubber floors.

Our rubber flooring and black PVC square interlocked floors not only offer superior performance, resilience, sound absorption, spike resistance and grip, durability, safety and comfort with an attractive appearance, they also have a great deal of versatility, and they are super easy to install.

So if you are looking for an extensive range of rubber flooring products, then turn to Matlock in Pretoria. Not only can we offer you superior quality, but we can also offer you competitive prices that are unbeatable!