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Rubber Showroom Flooring – The Finest Flooring Solution of the 21st Century

Accredited as one of the finest flooring solutions of the 21st century, rubber floors are typically used for commercial flooring purposes in high traffic areas – from basements, children's bedrooms, clinics, hospitals, commercial kitchens, factories, warehouses, garages, gyms, laboratories, recording studios, schools, sports facilities and homes to showroom flooring.

Whether you are selling art, carpets, machinery or cars – if you are running a high-traffic showroom and your current floors are just not meeting your standards and needs, it is time you moved over to the rubber showroom flooring from Matlock. Accredited as the leading South African suppliers and manufacturers of a wide range of superior quality rubber interlocked floors that can be found in tiles, pads, mats and sheets, our rubber floors offer a number of benefits over any other type of flooring solution in the South African market.

Easy to Install and Super Easy to Clean

When installing tiles and wooden floors, it is imperative to have a professional do the installation for you, but with rubber floors your showroom flooring can be done under a few hours by yourself or your employees. Reflecting a seamless appearance, they can be installed effortlessly without any nails or glue. 

Purchased in tiles that are joined similar to that of puzzle pieces, they can be installed over old sub-floors in a matter of hours with nothing more than a rubber mallet or an electric saw to trim around the edges. Furthermore, they are super easy to clean and require minimal maintenance. All that is required is a mop and a bucket of soapy water and your showroom floors will look pristine in minutes.

Resilient and Cost Effective

Excellent for use as an underlay for areas that require toughness, sound absorption, spike resistance and grip, our rubber showroom flooring are resilient and cost-effective. Manufactured with only the highest quality of raw material for high impact areas where extreme use and abuse is prevalent, this type of flooring solution is approved as been the ideal floor covering due to its resistance to wear and extreme durability. Furthermore, rubber showroom flooring is not only cheap, but it is also cost-effective as a set of rubber showroom floors can last up to 20 years if cared for properly.

Slip and Fire Resistant

Nothing is more important than a safe surface for clients and employees, and once you learn a bit more about our showroom flooring, you too will understand why our rubber floors are one of the finest flooring solutions of the 21st century. Used across a broad spectrum of showrooms, rubber floors ensure an immaculate finish and deliver a variety of significant benefits that other floors such as carpets, vinyl and wood simply can’t compete with. From easy installation, durability, safety, shock and sound absorption, fire and burn resistant to affordability – it is really not hard to see why rubber flooring is so popular among showrooms throughout the globe. They are simply the new-age answer to all your flooring needs.

At Matlock, we are here to help you improve your showroom and keep your employees, merchandise, equipment or vehicles safe. To learn more about our showroom flooring, contact us today.