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Cut Out the Middleman and Save on Quality Rubber Mats in South Africa

Rubber MatsWhy pay more for your multi-purpose and interlocking rubber mats? At Matlock, you deal directly with us and cut out the middleman. We are one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of excellent quality multi-purpose rubber mats in South Africa. Our company sells directly to the public, as well as to resellers, and we work hard to supply the industry with the very best quality mats available.

Keeping in line with our commitment to being a responsible eco-citizen, all our products are manufactured using recycled materials, so you know that your flooring solution has a minimal impact on the environment. This helps to reduce your home or business’s carbon footprint as well. These are only a few of the advantages of investing in our state-of-the-art rubber mats.

Guaranteed Competitively Priced Rubber Mats

Our multi-purpose interlocking rubber mat flooring solution provides you with the very best quality solutions at guaranteed competitive prices. How are we able to guarantee these fantastic prices? Thanks to our large buying power, we are able to carry over great savings to our customers and remain competitive in an ever increasingly crowded marketplace.

Our factory is located in Rosslyn, Pretoria, where we produce our PVC interlock flooring panels. These panels have become one of the most effective and multi-functional products available on the market today, and we are proud of our contribution to the industry. However, even though we are based in Pretoria, we service clients throughout South Africa. Our products are shipped directly to your front door, with the minimum of delay.

Easy DIY Installation of Rubber Mat Flooring

So if you are unable to visit us in person, and your property isn’t close to our Rosslyn factory, how can you take care of your flooring’s installation? We have the answer! A lot of time and innovation has been invested in ensuring that our flooring solutions can easily be installed with a hassle-free DIY solution. Now you can save on labour costs too, since our interlock flooring is so easy to install. You can do it yourself and have the installation completed in one day!

Should you require any more information or assistance with the installation, simply contact our sales team directly. We look forward to helping you access and benefit from the very best quality rubber mat interlocking flooring solutions available in South Africa today. Speak to our team directly for all the information that you will need to make an informed purchasing decision.