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Why You Need Rubber Garage Interlocking Floor Tiles

Rubber Garage Interlocking Floor TilesHow many times have you dropped your hammer in the garage? Or how many times has your vehicle experienced an oil leak? Either of these and many other scenarios can wreak havoc on a conventional concrete garage floor, which can be frustrating, expensive and even near impossible to fix again. With rubber garage interlocking floor tiles, you have an inexpensive and convenient way to protect your floor, while also benefitting from the many great advantages that this flooring system offers.

Why do you need rubber interlocking floor tiles in your garage? Here are a few reasons:

  • It creates a safety non-slip floor surface;
  • It is impact and shock absorbent, meaning that even if you drop a heavy object like a hammer on the floor, it won’t damage the surface;
  • The tiles are resistant to most chemicals and solvents, which means that should your bike or car experience an oil leak, it won’t cause permanent damage to the tiles; and
  • Damaged tiles can easily and affordably be replaced.


These are only a few of the reasons why you need this flooring system in your life.

Choose Matlock’s Rubber Garage Interlocking Floor Tiles for Great Value

At Matlock, we have designed a range of rubber garage interlocking floor tiles that fits any modern property owner’s needs. When you deal with us, you cut out the middleman and save by directly buying from the manufacturer. With guaranteed competitive prices and high-quality products, you can always look forward to getting the very best value for money.

Throughout the years, our interlocking floor tiles have gained a reputation in the industry for being one of the most effective and multi-functional flooring solutions available on the market. All our products are developed and produced at our Rosslyn, Pretoria-based factory, and distributed to our countrywide customer base. All our operations adhere to the latest international best standards, in order to ensure that the very highest quality standards are achieved.

Never pay more than you need to for rubber garage interlocking floor tiles again. Whether you are a commercial business or residential customer, we have the solution that you need. As a further indication of our commitment to being a responsible economic citizen, all Matlock rubber floor tiles are manufactured using recycled materials, which helps our customers to reduce their carbon footprint as well. Speak to our team of sales professionals to learn more about our quality and industry-leading interlocking flooring solutions.