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Get More Value from Durable Rubber Flooring Solutions

More and more South Africans are searching for wholesalers to provide them with the quality products that they need at the best prices available. Now you too can cut out the middleman and access quality rubber flooring solutions that will last a lifetime. At Matlock, we have developed an extensive and quality range of rubber floors providing the very highest quality products at guaranteed competitive prices.

Our factory, based in Pretoria, is where we produce our celebrated PVC interlock flooring panels. However, we have a nationwide footprint, delivering our flooring panels to clients throughout the country. We are proud of the fact that our rubber flooring solutions have become one of the most effective and multi-functional flooring products available on the market today.

Keeping Sustainability at the Forefront of Our Business Practices

We take the environment and its sustainability very seriously. This is evident in the fact that all Matlock flooring products are manufactured using recycled materials. The PVC flooring is also non-toxic, and requires a relatively low level of energy throughout its recycling process. Put simply, it means that our flooring’s production doesn’t emit toxic fumes into the atmosphere.

Our rubber flooring is used across a broad spectrum of industries, all of which are interested in benefitting from the many advantages that our flooring products offer. Practical, portable, versatile and sleek – these are only a few of the ways in which our rubber flooring solutions have been described by clients in the past.

Industrial and Workplace Flooring Solutions

Whether you are in the market for a garage floor, workroom floor or a factory or warehouse flooring solution, we have the right products for you. Our PVC rubber flooring is ideal for use in harsh operating conditions that require the flooring to be resistant to alkalis, acids, grease, oil and moisture. Our products are also excellent for their traction and grip properties, making sure to cut down on preventable slip-and-fall accidents in the workplace.

Another reason behind our rubber flooring’s popularity in the marketplace is the fact that we provide our products at incredibly affordable rates, and that they can be installed with minimal disruption. In fact, many DIY enthusiasts enjoy taking care of the installation themselves, without the added costs and hassles of getting professional labour to take care of the installation.

We are proud of our line of excellent quality products, and continue to invest in its development and advancement. Contact us at Matlock to learn more about our range of quality rubber flooring products, and for affordable solutions for your workspace flooring.