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Rubber Flooring for Industrial Use

Durable and Strong Rubber Flooring for Industrial Use

Industrial settings are in need of quality, durable and strong floor solutions that are able to withstand the pressures and harsh operating conditions of unforgiving work environments. What’s more, they need industrial floor solutions that help reduce accidents and keep workers safe while on the job. A vast percentage of on-the-job injuries emanates from slip-and-fall accidents, which can be effectively reduced when the correct flooring installation is present.

At Matlock, we have worked hard to develop one of the leading industrial floor solutions that helps to keep South Africa’s workspaces safer. Throughout the years, our flooring solutions have been used in many commercial, residential and industrial applications and environments, including:

  • Carwash facilities;
  • Sports facility floors;
  • Gym and health club floors;
  • Trade and showroom floors;
  • Workshops and studio floors;
  • Warehouse floors and factory floors; and
  • Storage facilities and garages, to name a few.

Demand More from Industrial Flooring

We know the beating that industrial flooring can take, which is why we made ours tougher than most. We designed our Matlock Interlock Square, Interlock Edging and Interlock Duckboard products from durable black PVC material, available in various sizes. What’s more, we also made their installation as easy as can be. This saves on labour costs and makes them easy to install.

In fact, any DIY enthusiast with some experience can be able to undertake the installation of our easy industrial floor solutions, and have it done within a day. This offers minimal disruption to your workplace and ensures that your team is able to carry on with the important tasks undisturbed. Cut the possibility of slip-and-fall accidents in your business with durable and affordable industrial floor solutions.

Save with Matlock’s Industrial Floor Solutions

One of the many reasons behind our increasing popularity in the marketplace is the fact that we are able to keep our products competitively priced. We are able to do this thanks to our vast economic buying power, keeping our overheads to a minimum and our prices as low as possible. This allows more South African business owners to create a safer work environment for all their workers and the public.

We are dedicated to providing our clients with affordable, quality and durable industrial floor solutions that will last for years to come. To learn more about us, contact Matlock today. We look forward to providing you with all the information you need to make an informed purchasing decision, and to helping you keep your workplace safer with our solutions.