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Why Matlock is South Africa’s Leading PVC Flooring Manufacturer

PVC flooring is quite common because of its great properties. It is extremely fire resistant, which is attributable to the high convent of chlorine used in its production process. Some of its many other popular properties include the high levels of hardness and increased dynamic friction. It will provide you with years of reliable service.  At Matlock, we have worked hard over the years to be recognised as a leading PVC floor manufacturer in South Africa.

When you deal with us, you effectively cut out the middleman and source the best quality PVC flooring directly from the manufacturer. One of the many reasons why we are South Africa’s leading PVC flooring manufacturer is that we offer our customers what they want, at the very best possible price. Our Matlock Multi-purpose Interlock Flooring offers you the very best quality at guaranteed competitive rates.

We have a state-of-the-art factory based in Rosslyn, Pretoria, where we produce our celebrated PVC interlock flooring panels. This flooring system has evolved into becoming one of the most effective and multi-functional flooring products on the market. We are proud of our long history of service in the industry and continue to work hard at raising the standards of excellence in our sector even further.

Product Specifications of Our PVC Flooring

Our many quality products are fit for different applications, from gym and health club floors, to workshops, garages and even commercial kitchens. Product specs of our different PVC flooring solutions include:

  • Matlock Interlock Square – Size: 495mm x 495mm x 5.2mm. Material: Black PVC;
  • Matlock Interlock Edging – Size: 495mm x 90mm x 5.2mm. Material: Black PVC; and
  • Matlock Interlock Duckboard – Size: 250mm x 250mm x 15mm. Material: Black PVC, to name a few.

Another reason why we are considered a leading PVC flooring manufacturer in South Africa is the fact that each of our flooring systems enjoys an easy do-it-yourself installation. Save on labour costs and hassles with our cutting-edge interlock flooring systems. If you have any further queries or need assistance with the installation procedure, simply speak to our dedicated team of customer service specialists.

As South Africa’s leading PVC flooring manufacturer, we look forward to helping you access the flooring solutions that you need. Contact us at Matlock to learn more about our excellent quality flooring products, and to save on all of your PVC flooring requirements.