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PVC Flooring – The Ideal Flooring Type for Every Type of Industry

Elastic, practical, versatile, portable, sleek and fashionable – PVC flooring is the latest trend in the area of floors that is seeing a wave of interest from residential to businesses throughout the globe. In fact, everyone is installing PVC flooring nowadays, and if you haven’t afforded yourself the opportunity to do so, then perhaps now is the time.

Why Warehouses, Factories, and Workshops Prefer PVC Flooring

Considering that 95% of workplace injuries are caused by falls, slips and trips due to wet floors, if you are looking to keep your workers compensation insurance coverage down, then PVC flooring is the way to go. Standing up well to the warehouse and factory demands of forklifts, pallets and wet and greasy floors, PVC flooring combines durability, wear resistance, safety and comfort for workers.

PVC flooring is ideal in harsh operating conditions that require the floors to be resistance to acids, alkalis, moisture, grease, oil, grime and soap, and they are also excellent for their traction and grip properties which are guaranteed to prevent potential slip-and-fall accidents.

Why Educational Facilities, Gyms and Healthcare Facilities Prefer PVC Flooring

When it comes to high traffic facilities, such educational facilities, gyms and healthcare facilities, the most important aspects are always safety, comfort and hygiene. Providing exceptional comfort for staff, patients, athletes, learners and educators, they are fungus-proof, waterproof, excellent noise absorbers, eco-friendly and, above all, they are anti-skid and high abrasion resistant, which reduces the probability of accidents. Furthermore, since PVC flooring is stain resistant, dirt and marks from gym shoes and heavy equipment are easily removed with a mop, soap and water.

Environmentally Friendly

What many people fail to realise is just how environmentally friendly PVC is and one of the biggest advantages of using PVC flooring is that it is recyclable. Additionally, PVC flooring is also non-toxic and uses a relatively low level of energy during the manufacturing process. What this means is that production will not emit toxic fumes into the atmosphere.

If you are the owner of an educational facility, gym facility, healthcare facility or a warehouse and factory facility, and your flooring is just not supporting the safety and performance of your equipment, machinery, staff and guests, then perhaps it is time you moved over to the PVC flooring at Matlock.

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