Plastic Interlocking Floor Tiles

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Where Can You Use Plastic Interlocking Floor Tiles?

You may be surprised to learn of the many great applications that plastic interlocking floor tiles can be applied to. This easy DIY interlocking system is designed to provide greater convenience, simple installation and a non-slip safety floor in areas that can benefit most from it. What’s more, the rubber in the tiles absorbs shock and noise, and damaged tiles can easily be replaced with no hassle at all.

Where can plastic interlocking floor tiles be used? There are many commercial and domestic uses for this smart flooring system. Here are only a few areas where you can benefit from using these quality floor tiles:

  • Warehouse and factory floors;
  • Workshop and studio floors;
  • Gym and health club floors;
  • Sports facility floors; and
  • Storage and garage facility floors, to name only a few.

Invest in Matlock Multipurpose Interlocking Flooring Tiles

At Matlock, we have designed a multipurpose interlocking flooring system that offers exceptional quality at the very best prices. Our Rosslyn, Pretoria-based factory is where we produce our celebrated PVC interlock flooring panels. We are proud of the fact that our range of plastic interlocking floor tiles has become one of the most effective and multifunctional flooring products on the market.

Now you can cut out the middle man and buy your flooring products directly from the manufacturer. We are leaders in plastic interlocking floor tiles in South Africa and we are able to guarantee greatly competitive prices on all our products.

What are the product specifications of our different plastic interlocking floor tiles? Here are the details you need:

  • Matlock Interlock Square: 495mm x 495mm x 5.2mm – available in Black PVC material;
  • Matlock Interlock Edging: 495mm x 90mm x 5.2mm – available in Black PVC; and
  • Matlock Interlock Duckboard: 250mm x 250mm x 15mm – Black PVC.

Save On Labour and Installation Costs

Not only do you save money by buying directly from the manufacturer, but you also save on labour costs. The Matlock plastic interlocking floor system is so easy to install, any DIY enthusiast can take care of it with ease. This is only one more way in which we work to ensure our customers’ complete satisfaction.

Feel confident in the quality of your plastic interlocking floor tiles when shopping with us. Speak to our passionate team of sales professionals who will provide you with all of the information that you will need to make an informed purchasing decision. Save on your flooring needs and get the best quality plastic interlocking floor tiles in South Africa, without breaking the bank.