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Industrial Rubber Floors – A Feasible, Safe, Comfortable and Affordable Option

An extremely durable floor covering, rubber floors are the ideal option when it comes to residential and commercial environments, but did you know that this flooring option is even better suited for industrial environments?

A key part of our economy, industrial environments are full of hazards, which is why flooring is of vital importance. An often overlooked feature in industrial environments – did you know that slips, trips and falls constitute the majority of industry accidents?  While 90% of slips, trips and falls occur when the floor is wet or contaminated with oil and chemicals, 75% of falls are caused by obstructions of heavy machinery and uneven surfaces. But this can easily be avoided with the use of industrial rubber floors.

Water and Shock Resistant

Strong, tough and resilient against a variety of manufacturing conditions, industrial rubber floors have one lifesaving advantage over any other flooring option – they are shock resistant. Industrial environments are renowned for operating high-voltage electrical equipment and machinery, and being a natural dielectric material, rubber will naturally inhibit the flow of an electric charge. Second to its shock resistance, industrial rubber floors are non-porous, which makes them impermeable to liquid.  Not only slip-resistant, they are also excellent for their traction and grip properties, and are guaranteed to prevent potential slip-and-fall accidents.

Superior Comfort and Noise Absorption

Every employee deserves the right to safety and comfort, and rubber floors trump all in terms of comfort. Referred to as “anti-fatigue flooring”, rubber floors ease strain on the ligaments by providing excellent padding under the feet. Providing cushioning that supports the entire frame of the body, industrial rubber floors are a necessity for workers who are on their feet all day. Other advantages that make rubber floors ideal for high-traffic areas where heavy equipment and machinery is used on a daily basis are their superior sound insulation and durability properties. Furthermore, if cared for properly, your rubber industrial floors can easily last up to 20 years, if not longer.  But, perhaps the best feature of rubber floors is that they are super easy to install and can be fitted without the assistance of a professional.

Providing an ergonomic and safe working environment for employees, rubber floors trump all in terms of cost, comfort, durability, appearance, safety, sound absorption and ease of installation. If your current industrial floors are just not meeting your comfort and safety needs, then it’s time you moved over to our industrial rubber floors at Matlock.

Offering a wide variety that can be found in tiles, pads, mats and sheets – when you buy your industrial rubber floors from us, you can be confident that you’re buying the very best!