Industrial Flooring Solutions

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Affordable and Flexible Industrial Flooring Solutions

Industrial companies throughout the economy are always in search of cutting-edge and quality industrial flooring solutions. Due to the challenging and unique situations that this flooring type has to handle, durability and sturdiness is a must. At Matlock, we make it easy to cut out the middleman and supply our customers with the best quality multipurpose interlocking flooring solution available on the market.

We supply directly to the public, making our industry-leading industrial flooring solutions available to companies of all shapes and sizes. Our flooring solutions have been used over the years by companies in the following sectors:

  • Storage facility floors;
  • Garage and factory floors;
  • Trade and showroom floors;
  • Warehouse floors and carwash facilities; and
  • Workshop and studio floors, to name a few.

These are only a few of the many applications that our flooring solutions are simply ideal for. Our multipurpose interlock flooring offers you the very best quality products at guaranteed competitive rates.

Multipurpose Industrial Flooring Solutions in South Africa

Our factory is based in Rosslyn, Pretoria, where we produce our celebrated PVC interlock flooring panels. This flooring solution has evolved into one of the most effective and multifunctional flooring products available on the market today. We are proud of our position in the marketplace, and work hard to continue setting the standard of excellence in our industry.

The Matlock, interlock flooring panels are available in the following formats:

  • Matlock Interlock Square: Black PVC in 495mm x 495mm x 5.2mm;
  • Matlock Interlock Edging: Black PVC in 495mm x 90mm x 5.2mm; and
  • Matlock Interlock Duckboard: Black PVC in 250mm x 250mm x 15mm.

All our products are manufactured using recycled materials, which only further bolsters their appeal in the marketplace. What’s more, installation is a DIY breeze, saving you money on hiring professional installers. Instead, you can take care of your flooring’s installation in less than a day.

Let us help you access affordable and quality, durable industrial flooring panels for your property. We are able to keep our prices so competitively low thanks to our large buying power, which we use to carry over fantastic savings to our valued clients. Matlock also enjoys great loyalty in the marketplace, with return business and word-of-mouth referrals making up a significant portion of our business. This is just further proof of the excellent service and great products you can expect.

Contact us to learn more about our company, and for affordable, quality and exceptionally robust industrial flooring solutions.