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The Importance of Gym Flooring for Commercial and Residential Use

When it comes to any type of commercial or home gym and fitness or yoga studio, it is never enough to only have the latest and the best type of gym and sports equipment – you must also have the right type of flooring. Typically used for commercial flooring purposes in high traffic areas such as factories, warehouses, recording studios, music venues, nursery schools, old-age homes, hospitals, laboratories, garage floors, showroom floors and more  – rubber floors are specifically favoured when it comes to sports and gym flooring, and for very persuasive reasons. Below we take a look at a few of them.

Excellent Slip Traction

Probably, the biggest benefit of rubber gym flooring is injury prevention. It has been estimated that every day across the world 10,000 people are treated in ICU for exercise related injuries. Statistically, many people injure themselves while at the gym, whether it is because of an uneven carpet or a slippery floor – rubber gym flooring is highly dependable for preventing accidents. Providing excellent slip traction, rubber floors not only provide an even soft surface, but this floor covering also prevents heavy gym equipment from sliding out of place.

Absorbs Sounds and Impact Resistant

While modern exercise is all about high-energy movements, rubber gym flooring is excellent for blocking out all the loud noise that comes with it. Furthermore, it is quite common for weight trainers using dumb bells and bar bells to drop them, and without a rubber gym floor on the ground, you will have weights dangerously bouncing around and injuring employees and gym members. Rubber gym flooring is an excellent shock absorber and not only is this beneficial for the equipment, but it is also excellent for reducing shock to leg joints. In addition, rubber floors are made from 100% recycled tyre and is also non-toxic to the environment, which makes it environment-friendly…and did we mention how super easy it is to install!

With so many compelling reasons to install rubber floors into a gym or sports facility, it is really not hard to see why they are one of the finest flooring solutions of the 21st century. If you are looking for a wide selection of the most attractive, resilient and durable rubber flooring products in Gauteng, then partner with us at Matlock in Pretoria.

At Matlock, we are not only the leading South African suppliers of rubber gym flooring, but we are also the leading South African manufacturers of a wide range of rubber and black PVC square and edging interlocked floors.  What this means is that we can offer you prices that are not only competitive, but are also unbeatable! When buying your rubber floors from us, you can be confident that you’re paying for the very best!