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The Benefits of Using Rubber Flooring for Your Showroom

Are you looking for an excellent floor solution for your showroom flooring? Whether you need reliable flooring for an auto repair shop, carwash, factory, garage, gym, loading dock, restaurant, sports and storage facility, studio, warehouse, workshop or showroom – there is only one option that stands out from all the rest, and that’s rubber floors.

Accredited for its durability, resilience and resistance, rubber floors are one of the most appealing flooring solutions available for showroom flooring. Used across a broad spectrum of showrooms, rubber floors bring with it a number of benefits over any other type of flooring solution in the market.

Hardwearing, Durable and Resistant

Designed to be hardwearing, durable and resilient, rubber floors are ideal for high traffic areas that include cars, heavy equipment and machinery. Resistant to alkalis, oils and even fire, rubber floors are a flooring solution that can sustain heat, burns and spills. Furthermore, if cared for properly, your rubber industrial floors can easily last up to 20 years, if not longer. 

Excellent Sound Insulator

Not only are rubber floors used in showroom flooring for its resistance and fire safety qualities, but it is highly acknowledged for its superior sound insulation properties too. The tiles are dimensionally stable with good thermal and acoustic properties, and are perfect for isolating the sound of constant roaring engines.

Easy to Install, Clean and Maintain

One of the biggest benefits of using rubber floors is the ease with which it can be installed. Purchased in tiles that are joined similar to that of connecting puzzle pieces, this floor covering can be installed over old sub-floors in a matter of hours with nothing more than a rubber mallet or an electric saw to trim around the edges. Furthermore, they are super easy to clean and require minimal maintenance. All that is required is a mop, bucket of soapy water and your rubber floors can be clean within minutes.

If you are running a busy, high traffic showroom and your current floors are just not meeting your needs, then it is time you moved over to the rubber flooring from Matlock. At Matlock, we are not only the leading South African suppliers of rubber flooring, but we are also the leading South African manufacturers of a wide range of rubber and black PVC square and edging interlocked floors. Offering excellent performance, durability, appearance and easy installation, our rubber floors are considered as the ideal flooring solution for showroom flooring.

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