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Rubber Flooring

Rubber Flooring – The Ideal Solution for Every Flooring Application

Everyone is installing rubber floors into their facilities nowadays. If you have not afforded your business the opportunity to do so, then perhaps now is the time. Accredited as the ideal solution for every flooring application, rubber is perfect for indoor and outdoor use.

Designed for high impact areas where extreme use and abuse is prevalent. This type of solution is manufactured with only the highest quality of raw material. Recycled from tons of scrap tyres that would otherwise end up polluting landfills, rubber flooring is gaining massive popularity for its eco-friendly and resilient benefits. Once you learn a bit more about rubber flooring, you will begin to understand why this solution is one of the finest inventions of the 21st century.

At Matlock, we are not only the leading South African suppliers of rubber flooring, but we are also the leading South African manufacturers of a wide range of rubber and black PVC square and edging interlocked floors.  Our rubber and black PVC square interlocked floors offer superior performance, resilience and durability with an attractive appearance, and an extremely high regard for safety.

Excellent for use as an underlay for areas that require toughness, sound absorption, spike resistance and grip, our rubber floors have a great deal of versatility for many applications throughout just about every industry, and they are super easy to install!

  • Used Widely in Warehouses, Factories, Garages and Workshops – rubber flooring stands up well to the warehouse and factory demands of forklifts, pallets, and heavy machinery and equipment. Combining safety, exceptional durability, wear resistance and comfort for workers, rubber flooring is also ideal in harsh operating conditions that require the floors to be clean, oil and grease free, such as in workshops, garages and carwash facilities.
  • Education, Gym and Healthcare Facilities – when it comes to high traffic facilities, such as education, gym and healthcare facilities, the most important aspects are always safety, comfort and hygiene. Rubber flooring is a widely used solution found in clinics, hospitals, old age homes, schools, gyms, universities and kindergarten facilities throughout the globe. Not only do they provide soft underfoot comfort for staff, patients, learners and educators, but they are also easy to maintain, excellent noise absorbers, long wearing and above all else, they are safe!

If you are constantly facing high traffic, and wear and tear, and your current floors are just not meeting your needs, then it is time that you moved over to rubber flooring.  At Matlock, we are here to help you improve your environment and keep your workers, students, patients and employees safe and healthy. For more information on our rubber floors, contact us today.