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Interlocked Rubber Mats for Superior Flooring Performance

At Matlock, we are South Africa’s leading supplier and manufacturer of the highest quality multi-purpose interlocked rubber mats, also known as PVC interlocked tiles. A 21st century recycled flooring solution, interlocked rubber mats can be used in a variety of applications that range from warehouse floors, factory floors, workshop and studio floors, gym and health club floors, sports facility floors, storage facility floors, garage floors, tradeshow and showroom floors, to carwash facilities and residential floors.

Many industries are not aware of the numerous benefits that interlocked rubber mats provide. Fit for use in many commercial and residential areas, from outdoors to indoors – you simply cannot get safer floors than our interlocked rubber mats, and this we can guarantee, because we manufacture all of our rubber mats ourselves.

Superior Performance

If there is one floor that can perform, it is interlocked rubber mats. Designed to be durable and resilient, and even indestructible, once they are locked together; they are perfect for facilities and industries that require protection against falls, and where heavy machinery and equipment need to be used.  Furthermore, they are slip resistant – even when wet – and they can sustain and survive heat, burns and chemical spills, which make them beneficial to industries that work with dangerous heat sources, such as laboratories and manufacturing plants.

Then there are the added benefits of being long lasting and easy to maintain. Interlocked rubber mats can easily last up to 20 years, if cared for properly. This is one flooring solution that is resistant to harbouring germs and bacteria, which is why it is the preferred flooring solution in healthcare facilities, gyms and educational facilities throughout the globe. All that it requires is a light wash with a mop and a quick once-over vacuum.

Easy Installation

When it comes to installing your new interlocked rubber mats, you will be amazed at how easy the process is. Offering easy labour-free installation, they can be installed over just about any type of smooth subfloor, from asphalt, concrete and wood, to tiles. With no specialised tools required, except for a mallet and a saw to trim the edges, the unique locking mechanism holds the mats firmly together without the need for any adhesives. Simply use your fingers or the mallet to press down and lock the mats into place. Furthermore, our interlocked rubber mats can also be repeatedly disassembled and reassembled for further use, without any damage or wear and tear.

When you purchase your rubber mats directly from us, not only are you are guaranteed the best pricing in South Africa, but you can also be confident that you are paying for the very best quality. As a result, you will have a floor that will last for up to 20 years or longer!