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Interlocking Rubber Mats Price

What type of flooring solution can provide you with a whole new floor in one afternoon? Rubber flooring is all the rage in commercial environments these days, as businesses from all sectors of the economy continue to look at ways in which to negate the impact of heavy foot traffic, machinery and chemicals on their properties’ flooring.

Rubber Flooring for Industrial Use

Industrial settings are in need of quality, durable and strong floor solutions that are able to withstand the pressures and harsh operating conditions of unforgiving work environments.

Gym Rubber Flooring

Gym floors across South Africa take a beating every day. The flooring endures sweat, jumping, running, spinning and biking, and people drop weights and other heavy equipment on the floor as well.

Industrial Interlocking Floor Tiles

Slip-and-fall workplace incidents account for up to 84% of all work injuries. With stark figures like these, the importance of non-slip industrial interlocking floor tiles becomes far more evident.

Rubber Flooring Solutions

More and more South Africans are searching for wholesalers to provide them with the quality products that they need at the best prices available.

Non-Slip PVC Floors

Given that up to 95% of workplace injuries derive from falls, trips and slip-and-fall accidents, investing in non-slip PVC floors is your first defence against workplace injuries

Affordable and Flexible Industrial Flooring Solutions

Industrial companies throughout the economy are always in search of cutting-edge and quality industrial flooring solutions.

Get More from Durable and Heavy-Duty Rubber Flooring

Many workspaces require durable and heavy-duty rubber flooring, where anything less would simply not do.

Garage Floors that Go the Extra Mile

South Africans are in search of garage floor tiles that are both aesthetically luxurious and functionally durable.

Interlocking PVC Floor Tiles

Leading the revolution in interlocking PVC floor tiles throughout South Africa.

Industrial Floor Solutions

Access the best quality and most affordable industrial floor solutions in South Africa

The Ideal Storage Facility Flooring Solution

We have developed a state-of-the-art multipurpose interlock flooring system ideal for use in storage facilities.

Protecting Your Workshop Floors with Interlocking Rubber Mats

From dealing with hazardous spills, to absorbing the impact of heavy equipment being dropped on it, you need to actively protect your workshop floors in order to guarantee many years of uninterrupted use.

Industrial Rubber Flooring Solutions

If you would like to cut out the middleman in accessing the best industrial rubber flooring solutions available on the market, then partner with us.

Cut Out the Middleman and Save on Quality Rubber Mats in South Africa

Why pay more for your multi-purpose and interlocking rubber mats? At Matlock, you deal directly with us and cut out the middleman.

Why Matlock is South Africa’s Leading PVC Flooring Manufacturer

PVC flooring is quite common because of its great properties. It is extremely fire resistant, which is attributable to the high convent of chlorine used in its production process.

Inspiring Gym and Health Club Flooring Ideas from Matlock

Matlock is a leading supplier of PVC flooring in South Africa. We are proud of our long history of excellent service in the industry, and continue to provide our innovative solutions to both domestic users and commercial enterprises.

Why You Need Rubber Garage Interlocking Floor Tiles

How many times have you dropped your hammer in the garage? Or how many times has your vehicle experienced an oil leak?

Where Can You Use Plastic Interlocking Floor Tiles?

You may be surprised to learn of the many great applications that plastic interlocking floor tiles can be applied to.

How to Install Rubber Garage Flooring in 2 Easy Steps

Providing an insulated, cushioned and anti-slippery surface, not only are they unbelievably cheap, but they are also super easy to install. In fact, installing rubber garage flooring can be done in two easy steps.

Industrial Rubber Floors – A Feasible, Safe, Comfortable and Affordable Option

An extremely durable floor covering, rubber floors are the ideal option when it comes to residential and commercial environments, but did you know that this flooring option is even better suited for industrial environments?

Rubber Showroom Flooring – The Finest Flooring Solution of the 21st Century

Accredited as one of the finest flooring solutions of the 21st century, rubber floors are typically used for commercial flooring purposes in high traffic areas – from basements, children's bedrooms, clinics, hospitals, commercial kitchens, factories, warehouses, garages, gyms, laboratories, recording studios, schools, sports facilities and homes to showroom flooring.

PVC Flooring – The Ideal Flooring Type for Every Type of Industry

Elastic, practical, versatile, portable, sleek and fashionable – PVC flooring is the latest trend in the area of floors that is seeing a wave of interest from residential to businesses throughout the globe. In fact, everyone is installing PVC flooring nowadays, and if you haven’t afforded yourself the opportunity to do so, then perhaps now is the time.

Reasons to Install Rubber as Your Workshop Floors

Looking for an excellent floor solution for your “Man Cave” or workshop floors? Whether you are using your workshop to work on your vintage gas guzzler, a fortress of solitude away from your other half, a home gym, or a workshop to build all your DIY projects, you are going to need to consider the right flooring solution.

Rubber Floors – The Most Intelligent Choice for Warehouse Flooring

Did you know that 95% of all warehouse injuries are caused from falls and slips on the warehouse floor? As a key part of our economy, industrial warehouse flooring is an area that is often brushed aside. While most storage and warehouse flooring is made of hard concrete, this type of flooring offers zero safety and traction for workers and machinery.

The Benefits of Using Rubber Flooring for Your Showroom

Are you looking for an excellent floor solution for your showroom flooring? Whether you need reliable flooring for an auto repair shop, carwash, factory, garage, gym, loading dock, restaurant, sports and storage facility, studio, warehouse, workshop or showroom – there is only one option that stands out from all the rest, and that’s rubber floors.

The Top 4 Reasons to Install Gym Rubber Floors

Rubber floors are an excellent alternative to every other type of flooring option out there. Typically used for high traffic commercial floors, such as factories, warehouses, recording studios, music venues, nursery schools, old-age homes, hospitals, laboratories, garage floors, showroom floors and more, rubber floors have also become the benchmark for gyms world-wide.

PVC Flooring – Versatile, Flame Resistant and Recyclable

One of the most important features of any business or home is the floors. Whether you have a large family home or a business that requires floors that are safe, durable and stylish – when it comes to floor cover options, the market is flooded with a wide selection.

The Top 4 Reasons to Use Interlocked Rubber Flooring

Looking to install a new set of floors in your home or business? Nowadays, increasingly more businesses and homeowners are exploring the benefits of interlocked rubber flooring as a modern flooring solution.

Industrial Floors – A Key Element of Safety in the Workplace

Did you know that falls, slips and trips are the most common cause of injuries across all industry sectors? While 95% of all workplace injuries result in hospitalisation, workers compensation and sick leave, a third of all injuries are due to wet floors!

The Importance of Gym Flooring for Commercial and Residential Use

When it comes to any type of commercial or home gym and fitness or yoga studio, it is never enough to only have the latest and the best type of gym and sports equipment – you must also have the right type of flooring.

Sports Facility Flooring – The Top Benefits of Using Rubber Floors!

Everyone is installing rubber floors into their facilities nowadays. If you have not afforded your business the opportunity to do so, then perhaps now is the time.

Top Reasons to Install Rubber Floors

Everyone is installing rubber floors into their facilities nowadays. If you have not afforded your business the opportunity to do so, then perhaps now is the time.

Rubber Flooring – The Ideal Solution for Every Flooring Application

Everyone is installing rubber floors into their facilities nowadays. If you have not afforded your business the opportunity to do so, then perhaps now is the time.

Interlocked Rubber Mats for Superior Flooring Performance

At Matlock, we are South Africa’s leading supplier and manufacturer of the highest quality multi-purpose interlocked rubber mats, also known as PVC interlocked tiles.

The Top Benefits of Interlocked Floors

When you need a reliable solution to protect your commercial floors – whether it is for a warehouse, factory, auto repair shop, carwash, workshop, studio, gym, sports facility, storage facility, showroom and loading dock or garage floors, you are faced with so many options.

Rubber Flooring for Safety, Durability and Comfort

Nowadays, more and more homeowners, organisations and businesses are exploring the benefits of rubber floors as a modern flooring option.